Robert Thomson's November update

During the early part of November I made my regular visit in the North of England including Bishop Auckland, Middleborough, Stockton, Houghton Le Spring, Sunderland, Birtley, East Boldon, Gateshead, Newcastle, Dudley, Cramlington & Hexham. I am truly getting a geography lesson as well as learning a whole new vocabulary.    

Most Hirers were reporting a general increase in business from the same period last year with equipment going out for longer periods of time and although it has not been as cold as in some previous years they were still doing good business with Tower lights being to the fore. Also many companies are having the foresight to plan ahead by looking into the purchase of heaters & dehumidifiers before the nights get darker & the normal wet weather begins to encroach on the working hours on site. I spoke at some length to Simon Whitfield of Halt Hire & he was keen to make the trip to the show, so much so that he registered while we were chatting. As an independent hire company Simon felt it was important to attend, more so than when he previously worked for a national because now he was more in control of his own destiny. As a company that has grown exponentially its 3 years he has had the foresight to plan for the future using his considerable experience to guide him, looking at some of the innovative products on display.

Many of the hires were not in fear of the dreaded Brexit rather they feel that while it will cause some discomfort at first, its effects like so many of these traumatic events are being greatly blown out of proportion. It seemed to be that is an obstacle to be overcome rather than a monster to flee in terror from and as a whole they are keen to move forward rather back.

My next visits will be in early December after a trip to the North of Scotland later this month and while demonstrating some exciting new products I will have to cram in as many visits as possible as we make the final push to encourage hirers to make a special effort and attend the show which with the changes to the layout at the venue promises to be one of the best shows in recent memory, a positive statement to the hire industry at the start of 2019.