Keeping you safe


This information is under constant review and will be updated in-line with government guidelines as they are announced.

The safety and wellbeing of our visitors and exhibitors, is our top priority, so in addition to developing our new initiatives for the event itself, we are proactively working to the new collaborative guidelines of the Industry ‘All Secure Standard’ to ensure the health and safety of all our visitors, exhibitors and event personnel in response to COVID-19.

The Industry ‘All Secure best practice guidelines and standards’ ensure we continue to prioritise health and safety measures in accordance with official government, local authority guidance, as well as venue regulations to ensure we deliver the highest standards of safety, hygiene and cleanliness, so you can attend our event safely and with confidence.

There are four cornerstones of the guidelines and standards. These four cornerstones cover measures that we will apply to the Executive Hire Show during the build-up, open period/onsite activities and breakdown.


For more information on this, please contact the event team or for more information on the 'All Secure Standard' click here